Combining cartography
and history in a fascinating way.

A European perspective on the world


A large variety of atlases from various European countries is presented. Atlases that were meant for various audiences at the time, ranging from prestigious atlases for the well to do, to atlases for the general public and school atlases.

Publishing houses

Focus is on famous publishing houses, like Bartholomew, Justus Perthes and Hachette. Also less known publishing houses are included as they are often have been unjustly neglected.


It is understood that for making atlases persons are needed with vision and courage. These cartographers were often pioneers in their fields, showing a lot of creativity and tenacity. We intend also to include the names of engravers, who with admirable skills made the printing plates for the atlas maps.

Cartographic techniques

In the period covered new techniques were developed e.g. the various revolutionary printing techniques.

Countries and Regions

For appreciating the cartographic skills and techniques some atlas maps are presented

Selected atlases from Belgium and The Netherlands

Selected atlases from France

Selected atlases from Germany

Selected atlases from Nordic countries

Selected atlases from Southern Europe

Selected atlases from Central and Eastern European countries

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